WWE Monday Night Raw Results – March 16th, 2020*

Andrade w/Zelina Vega vs. Rey Mysterio

Mysterio lands a springboard head scissors. Vega tries to get involved but聽Mysterio shrugs her off.聽Mysterio tries a springboard but Andrade meets him in mid-air with a dropkick. After the break,聽Mysterio sends Andrade into the ring post. Seated Senton by聽Mysterio.聽Mysterio kicks Andrade in the head. Andrade kicks out.聽Mysterio drop toe holds Andrade into the ropes.聽Mysterio sets up the 619. Andrade cuts him off with a nasty spinning back elbow. Andrade hits two of the three amigos.聽Mysterio counters the last suplex into a ranna. Andrade ends up in the ropes.聽Mysterio hits the 619.聽Mysterio Drops the Dime for the win.

Winner- Rey聽Mysterio

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