WWE SmackDown Live Results – December 18th, 2018*


Almas beats Styles into the corner. Almas obliterates Styles with a spinning back elbow. Almas gets a near fall. Styles tries to fire up but Almas lands another elbow. Almas hits the ropes but Styles lands a high angle dropkick. Ali tags in and lands a double stomp to Almas鈥 arm. Almas backs Ali into the corner. Bryan tags in and lays into Ali with multiple kicks. Bryan slaps the taste out of Ali鈥檚 mouth. Bryan puts Ali in an abdominal stretch. Ali lands a rolling X-Factor. Bryan rolls out of the ring. Ali sets up a dive but Almas and Vega go tranquillo on the ropes. Ali dropkicks Ali. Styles launches Ali over Vega. Ali lands on top of Almas on the outside.

After the break, Almas has Ali in a single leg crab. Almas and Bryan work over Ali. Ali tries to fire up but Bryan destroys him with a lariat. Bryan puts Ali in a surfboard stretch. Bryan turns it into a dragon sleeper. Ali manages to get to the ropes. Almas tags in and continues the assault. Almas obliterates Ali with a Spanish Lariat.聽 Almas tries his patented double moonsault but Ali gets his knees up. Styles tags in and clears the ring. Styles gets a near fall after a neck breaker. Styles puts Bryan in the Calf Crusher. Almas breaks up the submission attempt. Alms sets up the Hammerlock DDT. Styles sends Almas to the outside. Ali hits a ranna off the steps on Almas. Bryan misses a corner dropkick. Styles calls for the Styles Clash. Bryan counters it into a head kick. Moonsault into a reverses DDT by Styles. Styles tags in Ali. Ali hits the 054 on Bryan for the win!

Winners- Mustafa Ali and AJ Styles!

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