WWE Monday Night Raw Results – July 27th, 2020*

The Viking Raiders vs. Cedric Alexander and Ricochet vs. Angel Garza and Andrade (with Zelina Vega)

Andrade and Garza attack the Viking Raiders before the match and take control early on. They stare at the champions, who are sitting at the broadcast table, and taunt them. Ivar flips over Alexander and drops him with a shoulder block. Andrade and Garza take a breather at ringside and Alexander and Ricochet double-team Ivar. Erik tags in and the two teams chase Garza and Andrade. Alexander and Ricochet gain the upper hand and Ivar slams Andrade on the floor. Erik slams Ivar onto Andrade. Ricochet and Alexander continue to double-team Garza. Ricochet rocks Ivar with a dropkick. Ricochet works with Andrade to inflict punishment on Erik. The makeshift team ends when Ricochet tries to pin Ivar and Andrade breaks it up. Ivar hits Andrade with several strikes and suplexes him. Ivar squashes Andrade with a splash. Garza drills Ivar with a superkick. Erik suplexes Garza .

Andrade stomps Erik at ringsde and slams Ivar into the barricade with Garza. Andrade and Garza take control of the match and Andrade drills Erik with double knees. Garza and Ricochet tag in and Ricochet hits Garza with a flurry of strikes. A standing Shooting Star Press isn鈥檛 enough for a three count. Andrade nails a rolling elbow but Andrade gets floored with a nasty knee from Erik. Ivar dives off the top onto almost everyone at ringside. Garza capitalizes by hitting a Wingclipper on Alexander for the win.

Winners: Angel Garza and Andrade

The winners stare down the champions, who give their challengers a round of applause. Garza and Andrade attack the champions and run away.

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