WWE Monday Night Raw Results – October 25th, 2021*

Queen鈥檚 Crown Coronation聽

Queen Zelina walks to the ring and grabs a mic. Queen Zelina yells at the ring announcer for announcing her like a commoner. Mike Rome obliges and gives her a much better introduction. Queen Zelina crowns herself. Vega puts on a fake British accent. Queen Zelina says she has been underappreciated for far too long. The woman in the back could never hold a candle to her. Some of the RAW Women鈥檚 locker room is watching from a Montier backstage. Doudrop skips to the ring.

Queen Zelina vs. Doudrop

Queen Zelina eventually hits Doudrop with the scepter behind the referee鈥檚 back for the win.

Winner- Queen Zelina

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