WWE SmackDown Live Results – July 17th, 2018*

WWE Champion AJ Styles vs Andrade 鈥淐ien鈥 Almas w/Zelina Vega

Almas takes Styles over with an arm drag.聽Styles goes behind Almas. Almas counters into another arm drag. Almas smacks聽Styles with a big elbow strike. Almas locks in a side headlock.聽Styles forces Almas into the corner. Almas kicks聽Styles in the gut. Almas goes back to the side headlock.聽Styles tries his patented dropkick but Almas goes tranquillo in the ropes. Vega joins him. Styles falls to the mat hard. After the break,聽Styles lands a basement elbow. Almas surprises聽Styles with a dropkick.聽Styles misses a spinning back fist. Almas chops聽Styles into oblivion. Almas lands ax and smash in the corner.聽Styles kicks out. Almas sits聽Styles on the top rope. Styles punches Almas in the face. Almas dropkicks聽Styles. Almas tries Meteora聽but Styles gets to his feet and lands the Ushigoroshi.

Styles tries the Phoenominal聽Forearm but Almas lands a spinning back elbow into聽Styles鈥檚 knee. Styles falls to the mat. Almas tries a moonsault.聽Styles rolls out of the way. Almas lands on his feet and hits a standing moonsault.聽Styles kicks out!聽Styles surprises Almas with an enziguri. Almas kicks聽Styles in the gut. Almas sets up a reverse tornado DDT.聽Styles escapes and lands the Pel茅 kick.聽Styles goes up top. Almas pushes聽Styles into the tree of woe. Top rope double foot stomp by Almas! Meteroa for a near fall by Almas. Almas tries the HammerLock DDT.聽Styles reverses it into the Calf Crusher! Almas taps out.

Winner- AJ Styles

After the match, Almas stares at Styles and walks away.

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