WWE SmackDown Results – October 23rd, 2020*

Bianca Belair vs Zelina Vega

Belair sits Vega on the top rope.聽Belair tries to give Vega a clean break. Vega slaps聽Belair.聽Belair tosses Vega off the top rope. Vega kicks聽Belair in the arm. Vega tries a head-scissors but聽Belair lands on her feet. Vega hits a ranna off the top. Vega tries a codebreaker but聽Belair catches her in midair.聽Belair pops Vega in the air and levels her with a right hook.聽Belair deadlift Vega off the mat for a press slam.聽Belair walks around the ring with Vega.聽Belair launches Vega facefirst into the turnbuckle.聽Belair hits the KOD for the win.

Winner- Bianca聽Belair

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