WWE Crown Jewel Results – October 21st, 2021*

Queen鈥檚 Crown Tournament Finals

Doudrop vs. Zelina Vega

Zelina talks some trash to Doudrop, who blocks a kick and backs Vega away. Vega tries to dive off of the top rope, but Doudrop catches her and follows with a bodyslam and an elbow drop. Doudrop heads to the middle rope, but Vega knocks her off of the turnbuckles before hitting a tornado DDT for two. Doudrop mounts a comeback and goes for a somersault splash, but Vega ducks out of the way and attacks before getting a near fall. Doudrop comes back with a sidewalk slam for two, then she follows with a running senton for another near fall. Out of nowhere, Zelina connects with a Code Red for the win.

Winner and 2021 Queen鈥檚 Crown winner 鈥 Zelina Vega

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