WWE Monday Night Raw Results – April 15th, 2019*


Andrade lands the double knees in the corner. Andrade sets up his finish but聽B谩lor escapes and hits a basement dropkick. High angle dropkick by聽B谩lor. Tornado DDT by聽B谩lor.聽B谩lor sets up the PK but Andrade pulls Vega in front of him.聽B谩lor hesitates. Andrade drives聽B谩lor into the apron face first. After the break, Ba谩lor lands a delayed corner dropkick. B谩lor sets up the shotgun dropkicks. Andrade catches B谩lor with a cartwheel head kick. B谩lor kicks out. Andrade tries the double jump moonsault but B谩lor gets his knees up. After a series of reversals, B谩lor ends up sending Andrade to the outside. Vega tries to stop B谩lor but B谩lor just leaps clear over her. While the referee was distracted, Vega hits a diving ranna off the apron on B谩lor. Andrade hits the hammerlock DDT for the win!

Winner- Andrade

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