WWE Monday Night Raw Results – April 27th, 2020*

The VIP Lounge聽

MVP says this year鈥檚 Money in the Banks different than any MITB match in history. MVP introduces the RAW side of the field for MITB match this year: Aleister Black, Rey Mysterio, and (MVP鈥檚 pick to win) Apollo Crews. MVP asks Black and Mysterio what winning MITB will mean to them but in classic MVP fashion, he answers for the. MVP asks Crews, but before Crews can speak, Zelina Vega, Andrade, Angel Garza, and Austin Theory interrupt.

Vega says no one cases about the people in the ring. The people in the ring may have been the future of this company but they aren鈥檛 anymore. Vega notes that if the people in the ring are representing RAW at MITB someone from SmackDown is destined to win. Mysterio tells Vega she is crazy if she thinks they are going to give up their spots. It sounds like they came here to pick a fight. Black, Crews, and Mysterio attack Vega鈥檚 crew.

Andrade, Angel Garza, and Austin Theory w/Zelina Vega vs. Aleister Black, Rey Mysterio, and Apollo Crews

Garza tries to shake Black鈥檚 hand. Black takes down Garza. Garza gets to the ropes. Black and Graza trade takedowns and submission attempts. Theory and Crews tag in. Crews runs over Theory. Delayed vertical suplex by Crews Crews locks in an armbar. A dropkick by Crews leads to multiple arm drags.聽Mysterio tags in and buries his shoulder in Theory鈥檚 gut.聽Mysterio sends Theory into the ring post with head-scissors. Garza and Theory try to double team聽Mysterio but聽Mysterio sends Garza and Theory into the ropes for a double 619. Before聽Mysterio could land the 619, Andrade pounces and breaks up the move.聽Mysterio holds the rope down as Black and Crews each land dives to the outside.

After the break, Vega鈥檚 crew is taking turns working over Black.聽Mysterio gets the hot tag and clears the ring. Garza surprises聽Mysterio with a popup punt kick. Graza rips off his pants. After the break,聽Mysterio tries a springboard moonsault but Andrade catches him in midair.聽Mysterio turns it into a DDT. Crews tags in and takes out Andrade and Garza. Crews power slams Theory. Andrade breaks up the pin. Andrade sets up the Hammerlock DDT but Crews reverses it into the Atomic Bomb for the win!

Winners-聽Aleister Black, Rey Mysterio, and Apollo Crews

Backstage, Andrade and Vega are arguing. Charly asks Andrade what happened. Vega says, Andrade鈥檚 partners failed him. Andrade says they couldn鈥檛 beat him in a title match. Crews walks in and says he beat Andrade once, he can do it again. Andrade says he Crews doesn鈥檛 belong in the ring with him. Crews slaps the soul out of Andrade, Vega gets in Crews鈥 face and gives Crews his title match tonight.

United States Championship Match: Andrade (c) w/Zelina Vega vs. Apollo Crews

Crews puts Andrade in an armbar. Andrade eventually counters into a submission of his own.聽Crews reverses that into a front face lock.聽Crews and Andrade feet tied up in the ropes. Andrade cheapshots聽Crews instead of giving a clean break.聽Crews lands a dropkick. Andrade falls out of the ring. Crews follows and drives Andrade into the ring post. Andrade sends Crews into the corner. Andrade chokes聽Crews with his boot. Andrade whips聽Crews into the opposite corner.聽Crews leapfrog out of the way. Andrade manages to dropkick聽Crews.聽Crews tries a moonsault off the apron. Andrade avoids it, then sends聽Crews into the barricade. Crews tweaked his knee as he landed.

After the break, Andrade is working over聽Crews鈥 injured leg.聽Crews avoids Andrade鈥檚 double knee strike in the corner. Olympic slam by聽Crews.聽Crews Andrade trade shots.聽Crews floors Andrade with a clothesline. Overhead belly-to-belly by聽Crews. Crews press slams Andrade off the top.聽Crews gets a near fall after a standing moonsault. Andrade escapes聽Crews鈥 suplex attempt. Andrade trips聽Crews into the corner. Andrade hits his patented running double knee strike. Crews kicks out. Andrade misses a spinning back elbow. Andrade counters聽Crews鈥 gorilla press into a DDT.聽Crews kicks out again! Andrade kicks out of聽Crews鈥 powerslam.聽Crews goes up top. Andrade cuts him off. Andrade tries a superplex.聽Crews headbutts Andrade off the top.聽 Crews weeks his knees again and can鈥檛 stand up. The referee stops the match.

Winner- Andrade

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