WWE Monday Night Raw Results – December 9th, 2019*

Andrade w/Zelina Vega vs. Humberto Carrillo

As soon as the bell rings Andrade dropkicks聽Carrillo. Back body drop by Andrade. Andrade works a side headlock.聽Carrillo lands a double jump cross body off the top. Andrade falls to the outside.聽Carrillo stands on the ring post and lands a beautiful moonsault to the outside. After the break,聽Carrillo sits Andrade on the top rope. Andrade crotches聽Carrillo into the tree of woe. Andrade lands a tree of woe double stomp for a near fall. Andrade misses his patented corner double knee strike. Missile dropkick by聽Carrillo.聽Carrillo hits the Aztec Press.聽Carrillo doesn鈥檛 land all of it. Andrade kicks out. Andrade obliterates聽Carrillo with a spinning back elbow. Andrade falls on top of聽Carrillo, but聽Carrillo kicks out! Andrade tries a moonsault bit聽Carrillo moves out of the way. Andrade lands on his feet and immediately lands a running double knee strike. Andrade accidentally knocks Vega off the apron.聽Carrillo victory rolls Andrade for the win.

Winner- Humberto聽Carrillo

After the match, Andrade yells at Vega.

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