WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 3rd, 2020*

Humberto Carrillo vs鈥

Angel Garza walks out on the ramp with Zelina Vega. Vega explains that she has Garza here to take care of Andrade鈥檚 light work. Vega slaps Carrillo. Garza attacks聽Carrillo. Garza hits the Wing Clipper. Vega pulls up the mat outside of the ring. Rey Mysterio makes the save.

Rey Mysterio vs. Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega

Garza takes聽Mysterio down with a side headlock.聽Mysterio counters into a head-scissor. Garza gets to the ropes. Ranna by聽Mysterio. Garza asks for a handshake.聽Mysterio says no. Garza rips off his pants and hits聽Mysterio with them. Garza lands a few punches.聽Mysterio goes up top. Garza crotches聽Mysterio on the middle rope. Garza dropkicks聽Mysterio in the thighs. Garza shakes聽Mysterio鈥檚 hand while he is laid out on the mat. Garza goes for聽Mysterio鈥檚 mask. Garza traps聽Mysterio in the tree of woe.

Garza lands a PK. After the break, Garza is continuing his assault. Garza misses a middle rope moonsault. DDT by聽Mysterio. Garza kicks out.聽Mysterio hits the running destroyer. Garza falls on the middle rope.聽Mysterio sets up the 619. Vega pulls Garza out of the ring.聽Mysterio hits a senton over the top. Vega gets in聽Mysterio鈥檚 face. Garza superkicks聽Mysterio. Garza sends聽Mysterio into the barricade. Garza Hammerlock DDTs聽Mysterio on the exposed concrete. The referee calls for the bell. Garza has been disqualified.

Winner- Rey聽Mysterio

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