WWE Monday Night Raw Results – January 20th, 2020*

United States Championship Ladder Match: Andrade (c) w/Zelina Vega vs. Rey Mysterio

As soon as the bell rings Andrade goes for a ladder.聽Mysterio starts to as well but thinks better of it.聽Mysterio dropkicks Andrade鈥檚 ladder into his face.聽Mysterio tries a ranna but Andrade counters and slams聽Mysterio into the barricade. Andrade sets up a superplex.聽Mysterio reverses it into an avalanche ranna. Andrade lands neck first on a ladder. After the break, Andrade misses a running knee in the corner. Andrade is sent flying out of the ring.聽Mysterio lands a seated senton off the ring post to the outside.聽Mysterio sends Andrade careening into a ladder in the corner after a ranna.聽Mysterio brings another ladder into the ring.聽Mysterio climbs the ladder but Andrade cuts him off. Andrade hits the three amigos on聽Mysterio, with the last suplex being on a ladder. Andrade sets up a ladder between the second rope and the ladder standing in the middle of the ring.聽Mysterio tries another avalanche ranna, but Andrade reverses it into a second rope powerbomb onto a ladder.

After the break, Andrade has set up another ladder on the other side of the ladder, creating almost an upside-down T with three ladders.聽Mysterio sends Andrade to the outside.聽Mysterio climbs the ladder. Andrade cuts聽Mysterio off again. Andrade flips聽Mysterio over into what looks to be the set up for a Gory bomb off the ladder onto another ladder.聽Mysterio counters into a code red off the ladder. Andrade lands back first on a ladder.聽Mysterio lands the 619.聽Mysterio holds onto the belt as Andrade moves the ladder that鈥檚 under聽Mysterio. Andrade tries to pull聽Mysterio down.聽Mysterio lands on Andrade鈥檚 shoulder and tries a ranna but聽Mysterio lands on his back.聽Mysterio climbs the ladder again. Vega climbs the other side of the ladder and sits on the top rung so聽Mysterio can鈥檛 get to the belt. Vega slaps聽Mysterio. Andrade grabs聽Mysterio and hits a Hammerlock DDT off the ladder, through another ladder.聽Mysterio is out. Andrade climbs the ladder and pulls down the gold for the win.

Winner and STILL United States Champion, Andrade!

After the match, Vega pulls up the protective mats outside the ring. Vega yells for Andrade to 鈥渄o it鈥 Andrade drags聽Mysterio out of the ring. Andrade sets up the Hammerlock DDT.聽 Someone in a聽Mysterio mask jumps the guardrail. It鈥檚 Humberto Carrillo! Carillo tackles Andrade until they are separated by a few referees.

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