WWE Monday Night Raw Results – June 8th, 2020*

In-Ring Segment: Apollo Crews

Crews says he is going to be a fighting champion. Crews is interrupted by Vega, Andrade, and Garza. Kevin Owens runs down the ramp and attacks Vega鈥檚 group.

United States Championship Number One Contender鈥檚 Match: Angel Garza vs. Andrade vs. Kevin Owens

Garza and聽Andrade beatdown Owens. Owens rolls up聽Andrade while Garza is busy ripping off his trunks. Andrade kicks out. Andrade and Garza continue their beatdown of Owens.聽Andrade whips Garza at Owens but Owens gets a boot up. Andrade attacks Owens from behind. After a double suplex,聽Andrade tries to pin Owens. Garza breaks it up. Andrade and Garza start throwing hands. Vega tries to break it up but ends up getting knocked to the floor. Garza checks on Vega.聽 Andrade says this is Garza鈥檚 fault. After the break, Owens lands a swanton on Garza for a near fall. Owens puts Andrade on his back and sentons Garza. Owens lands cannonballs on Andrade and Garza.

Owens misses a cannonball on Andrade. Andrade flattens Owens and Garza with double knee strikes. Garza superkicks Andrade. Andrade blasts Owens with a spinning back elbow. Owens kicks out.聽Andrade and Garza unload on each other with strike after strike.聽Andrade clotheslines Garza and they both fall to the outside. Owens takes them both out with a senton over the top rope. Owens sends Garza back into the ring. Owens sets up a Stunner. Garza avoids it and kicks Owens in the knee. Garza puts Owens in a submission hold. Owens manages to get to the ropes. Owens hits the Stunner. Andrade kicks Owens away and steals the pinfall victory.

Winner- Andrade

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