WWE Monday Night Raw Results – March 23rd, 2020*

Backstage, Zelina Vega says Andrade and Angel Garza are going to win the tag titles at WrestleMania.

Andrade and Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega vs. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander

Garza and Andrade try to attack Ricochet before聽Alexander gets to the ring. Ricochet fights them both off as聽Alexander runs down to the ring. Ricochet beats down Garza in the corner. Andrade tries to tag in Garza but Garza isn鈥檛 holding the tag rope, so it doesn鈥檛 count. Garza moves the tag rope to the opposite corner. The referee tells Garza that isn鈥檛 how this works. In the confusion, Andrade goes low on Ricochet. Andrade sends Ricochet out of the ring. Garza attacks Ricochet as the referee is distracted. The Street Profits join the commentary desk.

After the break, Garza and Andrade take turns working over Ricochet. Garza rips off his pants and tosses them at Ricochet. Ricochet manages to tag in聽Alexander.聽Alexander lands a few clotheslines to Garza. Basement dropkick by聽Alexander. Slingshot flatliner by聽Alexander. Garza kicks out. Ricochet gets a near fall after a standing shooting star. Ricochet and聽Alexander land superkicks to Andrade. Garza dives off the top into a dropkick by Ricochet. After the break, Alexander floors Andrade with a springboard head kick. Alexander charges in. Andrade avoids him and hits the corner double knee strike.聽Alexander kicks out. Slingshot reverse suplex by Garza.聽Alexander kicks out at two. Garza and Ricochet beat down聽Alexander. Ricochet takes out Garza with a dive.聽Alexander surprises Andrade with aa Michinoku driver. Andrade somehow manages to kick out. Andrade surprises Alexander with a spinning back elbow for the win.

Winners- Andrade and Angel Garza

After the match, The Street Profits give Garza and Andrade a standing ovation. A fight breaks out between both teams. The Street Profits clear the ring.

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