WWE Monday Night Raw Results – September 14th, 2020*

Backstage, Lana complains to Angel Garza about Natalya not getting a title shot against Asuka. Garza starts hitting on Lana. Zelina Vega and Andrade walk in. Vega yells at Garza for leaving Andrade last week. Garza says he is tired of getting blamed for Andrade鈥檚 failures. Vega yells that she can鈥檛 do this anymore. Vega storms off. Garza and Andrade get into a fight.

RAW Women鈥檚 Championship Match: Asuka (c) vs. Mickie James

James and Asuka trade pin attempts. James mocks聽Asuka.聽Asuka almost locks her in the聽Asuka Lock.聽Asuka tries to taunt James but James kicks聽Asuka鈥檚 legs out from under her.聽Asuka catches James with the pop-up knee. James kick out. After the break, James lands a senton off the top. Asuka kicks out.聽Asuka drops James with a spinning back fist. Asuka lays in a few stiff kicks.聽Asuka hits the ropes and James rolls her into a single leg crab. James lands the Chick Kick.聽Asuka gets her hand on the bottom rope.聽Asuka and James trade pin attempts. Neither can get a three count.聽Asuka rolls James into the聽Asuka Lock. The referee stops the match.

Winner and STILL RAW Women鈥檚 Champion, Asuka!

Zelina Vega storms the ring. Vega says she鈥檚 been thinking about HER future. Vega says Asuka is too focused on the stars of the past.聽Asuka should be focused on the future. Vega tells聽Asuka not to bother asking if she is ready for her. Vega says聽Asuka isn鈥檛 ready for her. Vega slaps聽Asuka.聽Asuka charges Vega. Vega rolls out of the ring.

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