WWE SmackDown Live Results – April 23rd, 2019*


B谩lor beats Andrade into the corner.聽B谩lor tries to drag Andrade back to the middle of the ring. Vega holds onto Andrade鈥檚 leg and is pulled into the ring as well. After the distraction by Vega, Almas kicks聽B谩lor in the face. Andrade sends聽B谩lor to the outside. Andrade lands a corkscrew splash to the outside. After the break, Andrade tries to powerbomb聽B谩lor.聽B谩lor counters into a DDT.

Double foot stomp by聽B谩lor.聽B谩lor goes up top but Andrade cuts him off. Andrade tries a ranna off the top but聽B谩lor turns it into a sunset flip for a near fall. Top茅 by聽B谩lor. Andrade surprises聽B谩lor with a spinning back elbow. Running corner double knees by Andrade.聽B谩lor kicks out. Vega dives off the top but聽B谩lor moves out of the way. Andrade catches Vega.聽B谩lor dropkicks Andrade.聽B谩lor hits the Coup de Gr芒s for the win.

Winner- Finn聽B谩lor

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