WWE Tables. Ladders and Chairs Results – December 15th, 20...*

Andrade w/Zelina Vega vs. Humberto Carrillo

Carrillo misses a dropkick. Andrade stomps聽Carrillo.聽Carrillo surprises Andrade with a springboard arm drag.聽Carrillo goes up top but Andrade knocks聽Carrillo to the outside.聽Carrillo fires up and lands a ranna that sends Andrade to the outside. Andrade back body drops聽Carrillo but聽Carrillo lands on his feet.聽Carrillo lands a few strikes.聽Carrillo tries a standing moonsault but Andrade turns it into a schoolboy bomb into the corner. Andrade tries a running double knee strike but聽Carrillo surprises him with a nasty dropkick. Andrade falls out of the ring.聽Carrillo lands a dive. Andrade gets his leg caught in the rope.聽Carrillo missile dropkicks Andrade.

Carrillo goes up top. Andrade cuts聽Carrillo off.聽Carrillo gets hung in a tree of woe outside of the ring. Andrade lands a double stomp off the ring post.聽Carrillo kicks out. A strike exchange ends with Andrade turning聽Carrillo inside out with a lariat. Andrade lands the double knee strike but聽Carrillo kicks out. Andrade almost runs into Vega again.聽Carrillo manages to hit a poison ranna off the top rope.聽Carrillo crushes Andrade with a top rope moonsault for the win.

Winner- Humberto聽Carrillo

After the match, Vega tries to help Andrade up. Andrade pushes her away and leaves.

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