WWE SmackDown Results – July 16th, 2021*

Shotzi and Nox vs. Natalya and Tamina

Liv Morgan and Zelina Vega are at the commentary desk. Tamina boots Shotzi in the face as soon as the bell rings.聽Natalya tags in and almost gets pinned via roll up by Shotzi. Tamina and聽Natalya take turns working over Shotzi. Shotzi manages to tag in Nox, who clears the ring. Nox crushes聽Natalya with a senton in the corner. Nox lands the Shiniest Wizard. Vega and Morgan get into a fight outside the ring. In the confusion Nox pins聽Natalya.

Winners- Shotzi and Nox

After the match,聽Natalya whips Vega into a Superkick by Tamina. Tamina charges at Morgan, but Morgan side steps. Tamina crashes into the ring steps. Morgan takes out聽Natalya. Morgan points at the MITB briefcase hanging above the ring.

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