WWE Monday Night Raw Results – August 3rd, 2020*

Backstage, Angel Garza gives a rose to Demi Burnett from The Bachelor. Zelina Vega tells him to focus on his match.

Angelo Dawkins (with Montez Ford) vs. Angel Garza (with Andrade and Zelina Vega)

Garza goes shoulder-first into the ring post when Dawkins dodges him. Dawkins pounces Garza into the barricade. Dawkins flattens Garza with a flapjack. With a dropkick, Dawkins continues to dominate. The camera pans to Demi Burnett watching the match backstage. Garza hits a dropkick and goes for the Wingclipper, but Dawkins drills him with a right hand. Montez Ford falls over at ringside, and the distraction allows Garza to rock Dawkins with a superkick. Garza pins Dawkins with a kick to the face.

Winner: Angel Garza

Dawkins tends to Ford at ringside.

Andrade vs. Montez Ford

The match began during a commercial break. Ford uses his athleticism to gain the upper hand when the two competitors exchange technical holds. Andrade takes control with a chop and some knees to the mid-section. He sends Ford out of the ring, but Ford whips Andrade into the barricade. Andrade drills Ford with a forearm shot. A suplex earns Andrade a two count. Andrade grounds Ford again, but Ford rallies with two clotheslines. A dropkick sends Andrade crashing to the floor. Ford dives onto Andrade outside. But Ford collapses in the ring, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Andrade

Medical officials tend to Ford.

Backstage, Charly Caruso says she doesn鈥檛 have an update on Montez Ford. Angel Garza flirts with her. Zelina Vega says she and her associates are concerned about Ford. Angelo Dawkins says the doctor thinks Ford may have been poisoned. Bianca Belair confronts Vega and asks her what happened to Ford. She says Vega was responsible for his poisoning. Vega and Belair brawl and their respective allies break up the fight.

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