WWE Monday Night Raw Results – July 6th, 2020*

Backstage, Garza sorta apologizes to Andrade for last week. Ric Flair walks out and tells them all that they must succeed in their mission tonight. Otherwise, they will all have to answer to Randy Orton. Orton walks in and tells Andrade and Garza not to get in his way when the time comes later tonight. If they do he will introduce them to the Legend Killer.

The Big Show and the Viking Raiders vs. Randy Orton, Angel Garza, and Andrade w/Zelina Vega

Garza tries a double leg on Big Show. Big Show stuffs it and chops Garza down to the mat.聽Big Show chokes Garza on the bottom rope.聽Big Show lands another chop. Erik tags in. Ivar and Erik double team Garza. Ivar sends Garza into a knee strike by Erik. Garza kicks out. Garza escapes a bodyslam from Ivar and tags in Andrade. Ivar decks Andrade. Ivar slams Andrade. Erik slams Ivar onto Andrade.聽Big Show slams Erik onto Andrade. Andrade kicks out. Orton drops off the apron. Garza asks Orton what happened.

Orton grabs Garza by the throat and tells him to get his ish together or Orton will put him in the dirt. After the break, Orton and Co. take turns working over Ivar. Ivar manages to tag in Erik. Erik clears the ring. After a distraction from Orton, Andrade gets the upper hand on Erik. Garza and Andrade continue their assault on Erik. Erik falls into a tag to聽Big Show.聽Big Show calls for the WMD. Orton tries to sneak in an RKO but聽Big Show pushes him away. Andrade puts聽Big Show in a sleeper. Erik tags in and saves Big Show. Ivar and Erik try to hit the Viking Experience but Garza breaks it up. Orton RKO鈥檚 Erik for the win.

Winners- Randy Orton, Angel Garza, and Andrade

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