WWE Monday Night Raw Results – March 9th, 2020*

Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega vs, Rey Mysterio

After a bit of cat and mouse,聽Mysterio sends Garza into the turnbuckle with a head-scissor.聽Mysterio tries a ranna but Garza avoids it and hits a running boot. Mysterio tries a leapfrog out of the corner., Garza superkicks聽Mysterio while he is still upside down. Garza dropkicks聽Mysterio out of the ring. Garza rips off his pants. Garza works over聽Mysterio during the break. Garza pop up kicks聽Mysterio. Garza tries a 619 but聽Mysterio cuts him off with a dropkick.聽Mysterio sends Garza out of the ring.聽Mysterio slides under the bottom rope and lands a splash. Garza reverse suplexes聽Mysterio for a near fall.聽Mysterio tries the 619. Garza ducks and superkicks聽Mysterio.聽Mysterio fights out of Garza鈥檚 Wing Clipper.聽Mysterio almost hits a destroyer. Garza ends up eating the 619 instead.聽Mysterio Drops the Dime for the win.

Winner- Rey聽Mysterio

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