WWE Monday Night Raw Results – May 11th, 2020*

Backstage, Zelina Vega is trying to calm down an argument between Theory, Garza, and Andrade.

Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega, Austin Theory, and Andrade vs. Akira Tozawa

Garza takes control early. Garza traps Tozawa in the tree of woe. Garza hits a PK. Garza puts Tozawa in the Wing Clipper while screaming he can do this all day.

Winner- Angel Garza

As soon as the bell rings, Theory gets in Garza鈥檚 face. Drew McIntyre walks down to the ring.聽McIntyre asks them if they got worked out their issues. Garza pushes Theory into a Claymore. Andrade and Garza laugh.聽McIntyre blasts Garza with a Claymore. Andrade gets in聽McIntyre鈥檚 face.聽McIntyre wants a referee in the ring now.

Andrade w/Zelina Vega vs. Drew聽McIntyre

Andrade and聽McIntyre trade strikes.聽McIntyre lights Andrade up with a chop. Andrade tries a leapfrog but聽McIntyre kicks him out of the air. Andrade rolls out of the ring.聽McIntyre sends Andrade into the barricade. Andrade charges at聽McIntyre.聽McIntyre tilt-a-whirl backbreaker Andrade on the apron. Andrade crawls under the ring.聽McIntyre tries to search for Andrade. Andrade grabs聽McIntyre鈥檚 arm and pulls him into the ring apron shoulder first. Andrade works over聽McIntyre鈥檚 injured arm.聽McIntyre manages to suplex Andrade.

McIntyre goes up top and hits a clothesline. Andrade counters the future shock DDT.聽McIntyre responds with a sky-high for a near fall.聽McIntyre sets up the Claymore Andrade rolls out of the ring.聽McIntyre grabs Andrade by his hair. Andrade snaps聽McIntyre鈥檚 arm on the top rope.聽McIntyre escapes the Hammerlock DDT. Andrade crushes聽McIntyre with a corner knee strike.聽McIntyre kicks out at one. Andrade and聽McIntyre trade strikes. Andrade tries a poison ranna but聽McIntyre counters into a reverse Alabama Slam.聽McIntyre hits the Claymore for the win.

Winner- Drew聽McIntyre

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