WWE SmackDown Live Results – January 15th, 2019*

Rey Mysterio vs Andrade w/Zelina Vega

Mysterio manages to take Andrade over with a snapping arm drag.聽Mysterio and Andrade try to feel each other out. Neither can get the advantage.聽Mysterio puts Andrade in a side headlock. Andrade keeps trying to get out of the headlock but each time,聽Mysterio goes right back to the headlock. Andrade kicks聽Mysterio in the gut. Andrade puts聽Mysterio in a hammerlock.聽Mysterio tries to roll out of it but Andrade holds on.聽Mysterio walks the ropes and takes Andrade over with a head scissors.聽Mysterio sets up the 619 but Andrade ducks and rolls up聽Mysterio.聽Mysterio kicks out. Andrade misses a dropkick.聽Mysterio springboard into a ranna. Andrade and聽Mysterio fall out of the ring.聽Mysterio is still on Andrade鈥檚 shoulders. Andrade powerbombs聽Mysterio out on the floor.

After the break, Andrade hits Meteora.聽Mysterio kicks out.聽Mysterio sends Andrade into the turnbuckle.聽Mysterio goes up top. Andrade trips聽Mysterio so he is caught on the second rope. Andrade sets up a double stomp but聽Mysterio pushes Andrade off the top rope.聽Mysterio dives off the top rope and hurricanranas Andrade off the apron. Andrade hits the floor hard. Andrade struggles to his feet.聽Mysterio hits a top rope senton to the outside. Code red by聽Mysterio. Andrade kicks out.聽hurricanrana by聽Mysterio but Andrade turns it into a sunset flip.聽Mysterio kicks out.聽Mysterio tries another Mexican Destroyer by Andrade reverses it into a Tiajana Slam.聽Mysterio kicks out. Andrade tries to powerbomb聽Mysterio but聽Mysterio turns it into a Mexican Destroyer. Andrade kicks out.聽Mysterio tries another 619 but Andrade catches聽Mysterio in a fireman鈥檚 carry.聽Mysterio turns it into a crucifix bomb. Andrade kicks out.聽Mysterio tries to go up top but Vega gets on the apron. Andrade cuts聽Mysterio off. Andrade hits the rope hang version of the Hammerlock DDT for the win!

Winner- Andrade

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