WWE SmackDown Live Results – May 21st, 2019*


Ali whips Andrade into the ropes. Andrade and Vega go tranquillo. Andrade tries a back suplex but Ali lands on his feet and spikes Andrade with a reverse ranna. Ali goes up top. After a distraction from Vega, Ali leaps right into a dropkick by Andrade. After the break, Ali lands the satellite DDT. Andrade falls outside the ring. Ali crushes Andrade with a senton over the top. Ali his clutching at his back, which is still tapped up from the ladder match this past week. Andrade knocks Ali off the apron. Ali is sent flying into the barricade back-first. Ali is almost counted out. Andrade bodyslams Ali into the turnbuckle. Andrade sends Ali into the post. Andrade tosses Ali into the timekeeper鈥檚 area. Ali is almost counted out again. Andrade hits Meteora to Ali鈥檚 back. Ali kicks out. Ali rolls up Andrade for the win.

Winner- Ali

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